About Us

We Live Here Too is a project committed to examining the spaces around us and evaluating how we inhabit those spaces as individuals, as friends and as a community. We are dedicated to the creation and maintenance of queer-positive, youth-focused and accessible spaces, virtual and otherwise.

We Live Here Too is a lot of things, but above all, it is co-creative. The most important word here is 'WE'. If WE want to smash homophobia, end bullying, build support networks, make friends and throw great parties, WE have to do it by loving each other and sticking together.

When you're oppressed and alone, it's not easy to stand up against what's oppressing you. If you're feeling lost or outcast, unable to find the words you need to rage in response to oppressive shit, carry these 4 words with you: WE LIVE HERE TOO. If you need another 4, please remember: Best Friends Stick Together

We can't rely on the hope that 'It Gets Better'. We have to actively work to make it better. We have to make the commitment to ourselves, to each other, and to the communities we create that we are going to stand up, together.

This project was started with the sole intention of spreading this message across the globe. If it's really going to make it all the way, we need to find lots of ways to carry it forward.