What is this? What do you do? We throw parties. We do workshops. We make noise. We make friends.  

Who are WE? Youth, Queers, Vegans, Punks, Artists, DJs, Ballerinas, folks with disabilities, folks with hyper-abilities, and any combination thereof. If you want to be part of the crew that says WE LIVE HERE TOO, all you have to do is lend your voice to the growing collective saying 'WE'. This is a best friends club, and if you want to be best friends with us, all you have to do is say it. It's that easy. 

Where are you located? Our base of operations is in MontrĂ©al, QC, Canada, but we have teams working on shows and parties in Toronto and Peterborough, ON as well. If you want to join our team and throw a WLH2 party somewhere, hit us up: hifives@wlh2.org! 

Where do you ship shirts to? How much does it cost? We can ship shirts internationally! Yup, anywhere! We've sent shirts from Australia to the Yukon. Shipping is just $4 in Canada, $6 in the US, and $10 anywhere else.

I want to be in your fan-photo list! Where do I send my photos? You can post them on our Facebook page, submit them to our Tumblr , or e-mail 'em to fanphotos@wlh2.org!

What bands/musicians have you thrown shows/parties with? We say BEST FRIENDS STICK TOGETHER with these fine fools: Born Gold [Gobble Gobble], Cousins, Purity Ring, The Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt!, Foxes in Fiction, Loom, Slim Twig, Onakabazien, Happy Trendy, Moon King, Rich Aucoin, Headaches, Tin Vespers, Sing Leaf, Deadhorse, Snail Party, Odonis Odonis, Zacht Automaat, itsagamble!, Hakobune, Garbageface, Charlotte Cornfield, U.S. Girls, Thesis Sahib, Jessica Jalbert.

Why a Chat Room? Queer youth are killing themselves all over the world. Too much. Too often. People cite bullying, depression, loneliness, and other issues. We know it's complicated, but we want it to stop. I have thought about Jamie Hubley every single day since I heard about his death. I read through 25 pages of his tumblr, and every single one of them was reaching out for a friend, any friend, that understood what he was going through and was willing to love him. It's too late to help him now, but I want to say: "Hey kid, I loved you."

I snapped this screenshot from his tumblr after his death but before it was deleted. Can't you see? He wanted to talk to somebody so bad he hurt himself. He had nobody, and so he took his life. How can we end this?

This is the part where I make a promise to you, to Jamie and to anybody out there who ever feels lonely. I love you, and I promise to be there for you, in that room, a VIRTUAL SAFE SPACE, at least once a week. We can chat about anything and nothing, complain about our parents, share Youtube videos or whatever. We usually watch movies together and pig out on candy from the safety of our rooms.

Current hangouts are Sunday Evenings, 8pm+ EST

Street Sponsorships

How can I be sure you are actually purchasing those things? On request, I will gladly email you my receipt scans.

How do you get the products to the folks you are sponsoring? We are in contact with them, and can arrange to meet them fairly readily.

Where did you come up with the prices listed? I sifted through the offerings at my local Pharmaprix for most things.