Nolan Lives Here Too


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Lights out as the curtain rises in a worn-down dollar cinema at the edge of town. Opening credits begin to roll, and Nolan feels a solid kick to the back of his seat. "Hey, punk, your stupid hair is blocking the screen. I paid good money to see this movie." Another kick from behind knocks Nolan's popcorn to the ground. Turning around, he retorts "Actually you paid one whole dollar to get in, just like me. And it's fucking Zombie Lake, there's nobody else here. You can sit anywhere el--". "Faggot," they interrupt, "what's with the glasses? This isn't even a 3-D movie. You're in the wrong fucking place, fag." Monica tugs at Nolan's shirt to try and stop him, but she already sees the rage-glow building around his eyes. The air around them supercharges for a split second, a squealing hiss sounds as bright energy bursts forth, leaving only the smoking remains of two rows, a handful of burnt popcorn, and a growing pool of Dr. Pepper.

There is something very special about that precise moment where you realize that you are very different from other people; I am interested in celebrating that moment. It often happens during teenage years, but it's different for everybody. The things that mark us as weirdos, eccentrics, fags, crips, and losers can also be our greatest sources of power and inspiration. That idea has been explored quite a bit through comics (all the X-Men are mutant weirdos, but what makes them different is also what gives them power), so we wanted to play with that idea here. We all need to find ways to carry our own shit, our own trauma, like a torch and take the power away from bullies. Nolan is one punk, vegan, kinda-faggy teenager who has really stepped up to support WLH2 and is a super inspiring weirdo. He also understands that while his likeness may be on the shirt, it is simultaneously him AND not him. It's an idea. It's some lazers. It's four words. It's standing your ground. It's fighting back.

Inked on American Apparel with 'soft-feel' discharge inks and a printed neck tag. These tees are 'Unisex', so size down smaller friends! Model is wearing a size S.

Design by Matthew Skiff!


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