Here's a little bit about me and why I carry these 4 words like a torch.

Mrs XName: Dahn D'Lion
Role: Founder
Twitter: @we_live_here_2
Facebook: @Dahn D'Lion
Instagram: @wlh2


Let me start by making it clear that I do not want this entire project to be focused on me at all. WLH2 is about all the cool shit we do together, and not my own trauma. That being said, I think my background is key to understanding the origin of this thing.

Here's the short version:

WE LIVE HERE TOO is a phrase that lent me a lot of strength when I was in a dark place. It helped me shake off a lot of doom. I want you to use it if it helps you too.

Here's the long version:

In 2010, while walking downtown with my boyfriend, I was gaybashed to the tune of having my head smashed up pretty badly. It resulted in some nifty brain damage and acquiring a permanent disability. The hate from one thug changed my life forever.

My new disability meant I would have to quit school and give up on the future I had planned and the path I was walking so hard. I spent a month in bed before I could leave the house; I had a lot of time to think about my life while sifting through a lot of pain. I planned my own death. I had plenty of time to sort out all the details. I couldn't imagine continuing on as the new 'me'. Fortunately, I was too broken to find the energy to go through with it. I spent a lot of that month sleeping.

The phrase WE LIVE HERE TOO came to me a number of times during my dreams (blame the painkillers if you want). In your dreams you have a complete and intimate understanding of things. That's how it works. As in, you just know that you're at grandma's house even if it's made out of match sticks and is in the middle of the ocean. It was the same for this phrase. In my first dream, "HEY, WE LIVE HERE TOO!" was something I said to push back against oppressive shit. I remember saying it, and hearing it echoed behind me by a ton of people. The second time I dreamt about it, I could hear it being repeated all over the world. Hearing those words caused vibrations across the globe, and I could feel that thrumming reverberate in my heart deeper and louder than anything I've ever felt before.

One generally loses some of the clarity and understanding that comes with dream-knowledge once one's head leaves the pillow; in this case I've retained all of the conviction with which I said those words initially. I knew, even in waking, that I had to carry these four words to the edge of the world.

It took me a long time to think about how to do that. Throwing rad parties in safe spaces is one way. Starting a clothing brand is another. I'm still thinking of new ways. I might not have a clear path, but I know it starts with making friends.

So, hi. My name is Dahn.